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The Consultancy on International Education provides professional interpretive services and advising regarding academic credentials, university placement and educational equivalency. CIE services and its staff are recognized nationally and internationally as experts in the field of foreign credentials evaluation, academic advising and international university admissions. It holds many years of experience in the areas of university teaching, professional writing, university admissions and educational consulting, world travel and study abroad.

Services Available and Fee Schedule
(Credit Card payments are not accepted.)
 A.  General Evaluation (U.S. $95.00)
    A general equivalency in terms of U.S. education is provided for each set of documents submitted.  Credits are not included in the report.
 B.  Itemized Evaluation (U.S. $145.00)*
    A course-by-course analysis of each document submitted is performed to determine transfer credit in terms of U.S. education. There is an additional charge for rush requests. Grades calculation, if requested at the initial submission, would be an additional fee of U.S. $80.00. If requested after the evaluation process has been completed (within one year), adding grades calculation would be for a new fee of U.S. $90.00.

    * The standard fee of $145.00 is for up to 2 degrees or institutions. If you have more than 2 degrees or have attended more than 2 institutions, add $60.00 for each additional degree or institution attended.
 C.  Credentials Reconstruction (U.S. $235.00)
    This entails a year-by-year reconstruction of academic credentials determined to be unobtainable; including verification and evaluation of submitted data. Special forms will be supplied for this purpose.
 D.  Education/Job Equivalency Evaluation (U.S. $310.00)
    Statement of approximate equivalence of documented employment and relevant work experience to educational training in the U.S. Documentation of formal educational training and job descriptions is required.
 E.  Ph.D. Equivalency Evaluation (U.S. $370.00)
    Documents required: Official records of previous degrees held; most current curriculum vitae; letters of reference from professors who know your research; dissertation abstract/summary; dissertation title page; listing of publications/articles; honorary awards, and other documentations relevant to doctoral research.
 F.  Rush Service Requests (U.S. $90 - $120.00)
*plus express mailing charge.
 G.  Extra Copies Request (U.S. $20.00)
*per copy.

  1. Evaluations are performed for the applicant only. Copies of evaluations may be forwarded by CIE to other individuals or agencies for the cost of an extra copy.
  2. When a reassessment of an individual’s educational qualifications is requested based on additional information not divulged initially, or any other reason which would require another closer look at the credentials in question, a new fee will be charged based on the information submitted. Detailed justification must be submitted to warrant acceptance of the review and all original credentials must be resubmitted. There’s no guarantee for a change in the evaluation results. Normally, we will recommend that a new agency is consulted, since all evaluation reports are completed in a thorough and comprehensive manner using up to date and reliable resources available in the profession.
  3. In the event CIE determines any form of tampering or alteration of credentials submitted, no evaluation will be rendered and the fee will not be refunded. CIE will notify the institution and/or agency for which the evaluation is intended.
  4. Requesting copies: Copies of evaluation reports are only available for up to one year from completion. For reports older than one year: We will re-input a report into the system to produce a master file. The fee for this service is $75.00. Each copy of the report is $20.00.
  5. There are no refunds of fees paid for evaluations completed.

Application Procedures and Instructions
  1. Print & Complete -
    the 2-page application form.

  2. Attach -
    original educational credentials (transcripts and diplomas). English translations must accompany all documents submitted in another language.
    For credentials in Spanish: If English translations are not immediately available, pay $60.00 (for general evaluation), or $90.00 (for itemized evaluation) to evaluate documents in Spanish language. The documents will be returned. A self-addressed and stamped envelope with certified mail label must be provided for the safe return of the documents. Please notify us if you do not wish your educational credentials returned. CIE recommends the use of USPS certified mail service for mailing to CIE.
    For those who are mailing from abroad and want credentials returned: a. Include the mailing cost for returning materials with the evaluation service fee payment. To calculate postage, go to and postage price calculator link: Click on the country destination. Most choose the 5-day express mail international. b. Please put our telephone number (217 359 – 9602) on the envelope so your designated mail courier can contact us for any delivery information.

  3. Enclose -
    the non-refundable fee payment in the form of a money order or cashier's check made payable to: Consultancy on International Education.
    Credit card payments are not accepted.

  4. Evaluations will be completed and returned to the applicant and/or agency within two weeks from the date that they are received by CIE, if all materials are complete at the time of submission. No evaluations are performed unless all the required documents are received. Rush service may be provided at an additional fee of $90.00 (3-5 day turnaround) to $120 (1-2 day turnaround).

    We do not accept credit card payment. The money order must accompany the application and credentials. The bank check or money order is payable to Consultancy on International Education. You may also pay through Western Union. We need the MTCN # to be able to receive the funds. Let us know if you want to do it by Western Union. You would need certain information from us to be able to send funds.

    We recommend you send your documents through the US Post Office which accepts mail to post office boxes. If you are in a country other than the U.S., we recommend that you visit the the USPS (US post office) website and click on 'Calculate Postage' to determine the amount you need to add to the demand draft or bank check for covering the return mail costs. Select the service you want. Merely include in the demand draft the amount in US $ for using the service by Express (EMS) mail. The demand draft or money order or bank check must have a corresponding US bank in order for it to be valid. If you want to send by Fedex or any service that do not deliver to P.O. Boxes, please email us for specific information or instructions.

    We recommend that you supply the self-addressed envelope if you are in the U.S. If you are abroad, supply a mailing label that we can affix to the envelope provided by our post office. We will return all the documents using the envelope and the type of mail service you use, depending on the amount you add to the bank draft or money order.

  5. Sign -
    the Release Statement at the bottom of the application form.
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